College of Computer Science and Technology in Jilin University is founded in 1976, by Mr. Xianghao Wang, the famous educator, mathematician, scientist of computer science and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 1958, Mr. Wang first recognized by his acute insight the significance of research on computer science, resolutely turned from algebra to computer science, set up the specialty of cybernetics, pursued research on computer theory and obtained achievements which are on top in the world. All these cultivated cadremen for computer science and made Jilin University one of the earliest institutions that endeavor to research on computer science and technology. In May, 2001, the former College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, together with the former Department of Computer Engineering and Technology, Jilin Technical University, Department of Computer Science, Changchun University of Science and Technology and Department of Computer Science, Changchun Post and Telecommunication Institute was merged into the new College of Computer Science and Technology.

In 1958, academician Wang set up the laboratory of Cybernetics and studied the system structure of computer. In the 1960s, he obtained international leading achievements on “multi-value logic” and “theory of automaton”. From 1960 to 1975, they developed 6 computers. In 1974, he accomplished “ALGOL60 Compiling System 74”. In 1977, Mr. Wang first opened up the orientation of “Artificial Intelligence” in China which promoted the domestic research on artificial intelligence. In the same year, “NOVA multi-user BASIC” analysis and TQ-6“FORTRAN Compiling system” were completed. The college has varieties of category of disciplines and also has solid science research strength, appropriate echelon formation, domestic top-ranking equipments and devices and has advantage in the specialties such as Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology and Computer System Structure. In the front edge fields of computer science such as Artificial Intelligence, Theorem Machine Proof, Intelligent Programming and Automated Reasoning, Knowledge Engineering and Agent System, Software Engineering and Software Automation, Distributed System, Computer Graphics, Computer Network and Computational Intelligence, the college has accomplished many generally accepted achievements, and they are always in the first rank.

Fusion of the disciplines of Computer Science and Technology and Mathematics is the obvious characteristic in scientific research and qualified personnel cultivation of the discipline of Computer Science and Technology. The college contains a Computer Science and Technology undergraduate specialty, 3 doctor's and master's degree grant institute of Computer Software and Theory, Computer Application Technology and Computer System Structure and a first class discipline doctor's degree grant institute of Computer Science and Technology. She also has a postdoctoral mobile station for scientific research, a national key discipline, a Jilin Province key discipline, a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, a key laboratory of the Ministry of Information Industry, a provincial engineering research center, 2 key disciplines of “211”, a second period science and technology innovation platform of “985”. The college has 20 teaching and research room and 5 teaching laboratory. Currently, the college has 194 teachers, of which there are 24 PdH supervisors, 39 professors, 50 vice professors, and 42 persons who have doctor's degree. She also has one member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, one member of discipline senate of committee of degree of the State Council, 1 prize winner of Excellent Young Teachers in Colleges, 2 excellent personnel of the Ministry of Education in the new century, 1 Excellent Young Teacher of the Ministry of Education, 6 winners of funds for cadreman of Ministry of Education, 2 winners of funds for outstanding youth of Jilin Province, 9 persons enjoying allowance from the State Council, 2 Excellent Experts of Jilin Province and 8 middle aged or young experts who have outstanding contributions to Jilin Province.

Currently, the college has 2719 undergraduates, 772 postgraduates and 208 doctoral candidates. She has been making cultivating high quality, high level and special computer talent that could adapt to social needs as her tenet for decades. By many years' effort, she has now had the characteristic of fusing the discipline of computer and mathematics and also intercrossing with other disciplines and talent cultivating. All these have cultivated many excellent talents who have solid theory, precise style of study, ability to solve problems and could do scientific research independently for our country.