Fusion of Computer Science and Technology and Mathematics Science is an obvious characteristic for Scientific Research of Computer Science and Technology and fostering. She has a strong teaching staff. Recently, College of Computer Science and Technology foster a large number of persons with ability that has solid theoretical foundation and innovation. According to statistics, there are more than 40 persons as professors in overseas university, two of them is the American Computer Advanced Scientist, one of them received with honor American President Special Award, one of them was conferred to American Outstanding Youth Scientist. Among them there are more than 20 persons occupied in well-known companies at home and abroad.

College pays more attention to the foster of students’ practice ability and has a very strong teaching staff. She has some laboratories such as Computer Software Laboratory Center, Computer Structure and interface Laboratory, Computer Control and Application Laboratory, Embedded System Laboratory, Computer Network and Communication Laboratory and IBM Technology Center etc. The total area is 1908 sq.m. College has 1519 equipments which worth more than 800 RMB, which worth more than 15millon. The establishment and environment has achieved the advanced level compared with the other domestic college laboratories. There of them have pass the “double base” evaluation of ministry of education. In May 2005, Computer Base Laboratory Teaching Center has pass the evaluation of key laboratory in Jilin Province. As to the experimental methods college combines the testified experiment and design experiment. Experiment Subject and content embody the characteristic of precedence , practice and engineering application in the computer area. It achieved the aim that motivates the enthusiasm of students, stimulates the students’ interests toward the scientific experiment and enhances students’ ability of analysis and solving problem.

There are 9 post doctors in the station , 208 doctors , 772 postgraduates 1036 major postgraduates, 2719 undergraduates. In the recent five years there are 7 post doctors out of station, 54 received PH. D degree and 768 received master degree.